Who is the FE Developer and what does it do

If the back-end developer is the one who takes care of the bases and the foundations of a building. The front-end authorities , on the other hand, takes care of making it beautiful and livable. He is reliable for executing the pictorial components that stoners glimpse with in a web application. Let’s dispel a myth. The front-end developer is not involved in designing and sketching the site’s interface it jobs in singapore.

The graphic design and user interaction with the site is managed by the UX / UI Designer , with whom the front-end and back-end developer works closely. It is always true, moreover, that the front-end developer must also have some basics of User Experience and design.

Front-end developer: the languages ​​to know

HTML:  it is the backbone of web pages, it is the language used to build the basic structure of each web page and to create the content of the page;

CSS:  style the page, we could have two sites with the same HTML structure but completely different based on the CSS style;

JavaScript:  is a language commonly used in web programming for creating interactive dynamic effects through functions invoked by events triggered in various ways by the user.

In recent years, the power of browsers has grown exponentially and powerful and complex frameworks have been created that allow you to move programming logic to the frontend.