Get the best durians delivered to your doorstep

Are you a durian lover? Does the creamy, cheesy flavor of this fruit marvel you? If it does, there is no surprise in that because durians are the most loved and demanded fruits worldwide. Owing to their texture, flavor, and light aroma, they can take you to a wonderland. It is a beloved delicacy enjoyed across Singapore, Malaysia, and nearby islands. Get the best durian delivery singapore, and enjoy the delectable fruit in your comfort.

When are durians available?

Generally, the season for fresh durian is found in the summers, around mid-May to June. Our advanced storage system and controlled environment make delivery possible for round-the-year consumption without compromising the taste and quality of fruits.

Our promises

Our fruits are lab tested and 100% organic in nature, we do not use chemically grown fruits for deliveries, and ensure minimum use of chemicals during storage. We maintain fruits of international standards, fresh, fragile, and juicy. We also serve doorstep delivery of the fruit across the city and use biodegradable packaging material for packing and delivering.

Sustainable marketing is our next promise

Sustainable Living in the next generation of everything, we also contribute to preserving mother earth. Apart from using only organically grown fruit, our storage systems are pesticide-free, chemical fungicide free, and we do not use silica and other harmful chemicals for storage. Our automatically controlled atmosphere storage system naturally maintains an optimum environment for keeping the fruits fresh, raw, and edible for a long time. Our packing material is made from 100% recyclable paper to say no to plastic waste.