Fair employment practices must be followed by the employer

It’s an area where employers tend to slip up, and it may be that smaller businesses need advice from an external professional before holding interviews, or even have an external specialist sit on a panel during an interview to ensure a fair recruitment process and keep notes. In any event, an employer will need to decide whether a single person or a panel is to be interviewed.

Staff can avoid unlawful discrimination during the interview process by being trained effectively and regularly so that they do not make stereotypical assumptions about a role, understand how to correctly apply the objective scoring method, and ask only questions related to the role they are interviewing for. If the questions are irrelevant to the position, they should ask them. There is no requirement that a woman should not want to be pregnant when being interviewed, and if she voluntarily provides the information, it should not be considered when considering her suitability for the position.

age discrimination in workplace older employees

During an interview based on an application form, job description, person specification, fair employment practices in singapore the weight to be given to each criterion, and the results of any selection tests, an employer will ensure that all candidates are assessed objectively, and solely on their ability to perform the job.

Applicants should have an equal opportunity to interview fairly. Flexible times for interviews or adjustments made to an interview for people who have caring responsibilities, religious considerations, or disabilities should be considered at the outset. Interviewees should be asked if they have any special requirements when invited for an interview and employers should deal with them where possible.